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BUDANET is a non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, Netherlands with registration number KWK5033569. 

BUDANET Was started to link Diaspora with African development programs aimed at uplifting the cultural aspects and development of individuals both social and economical with our targets on environment, cultural exchange programs between the Netherlands and Kingdom of Buganda specifically and Uganda at large

BUDANET was started by volunteers both Dutch and Ugandans in 2010.

What We Do

BUDANET is a non profit organization aimed at linking the Diaspora development programs to potential organizations in Uganda and Africa at large. Our emphasis is basically geared or aimed at the issues concerning the environment conservation and community development

Community Empowerment


Environmental Awareness and Protection


Cultural Exchange Programs


Clean Water Supply Programs


Our partners are from all over the world

CBS Exhibiting programs

Social interaction and development relationship between Buganda Kingdom and Netherlands in traded , farming and tourism

Clean water supply to Per Urban Areas

BUDANET IS partnering with Professor Luke Reitveld of Delf University in Netherlands in clean water supply to Per Urban Areas

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