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BUDANET Management for the last four years identified tree planting project as one of its main projects to be spear headed after considering the dangers of global warming and the rate at which trees are being cut especially in Uganda for the use of charcoal and wood. BUDANET has been buying seedlings and distribute them to different entities and individuals, Given our limited recourses we coudnt satisfy the demand for tree seedlings . However of recent we negotiated with BUGANDA Kingdom which promised to give us free land at all its headquarters so that we can grow our own tree seedlings of different types i.e. for food, fruits medicine and environment. On top BUGANDA Kingdom promised to give us airtime both on its own radio and televisions stations . Its provided free office space for the project as well as promising to mobiles volunteers incase there is a need for the cause

NOTE. The main challenge now is to have as many nursery beds across Buganda Kingdom so that we can meet the increasing demand for the tree seedlings and that’s where our main focus is based.

BUDANET management is still aiming to target other potential funders like legal organizations like shell , MTN ,Banks , Embassies as well as the European Union