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Cultural / Trade Exchange Programs With The Netherlands

BUDANET in conjunction with the CBS Pewosa exhibition desk are yet to start formal talks to identify potential farmers who would go to Amsterdam and meet there potential partners in there relevant fields with the purpose of forging collaboration partnerships with there counterparts in the ministry of trade and commerce in Amsterdam. Negotiations are on going and the formal program will be availed soon

CategoriesOn Going Projects

Clean Water Supply Programs

BUDANET in conjuction with CBS Pewosa we have an MOU with Professor Luuk of Delft University to distribute clean water in Peri Urban Areas around Kampala Suburbs. This was a result of Katikiros visit in Amsterdam in 2015 April ( Negations are still ongoing for the project)

CategoriesOn Going Projects

Distributing seedlings

BUDANET Management for the last four years identified tree planting project as one of its main projects to be spear headed after considering the dangers of global warming and the rate at which trees are being cut especially in Uganda for the use of charcoal and wood. BUDANET has been buying seedlings and distribute them to different entities and individuals, Given our limited recourses we coudnt satisfy the demand for tree seedlings